Update on Matthew

A whole week has slipped by since Matthew had surgery on is arm.  I’m not sure where the time goes sometimes.  Many of my friends and coworkers have asked how Matthew’s been doing.  I’ve been answering people whenever they ask, with vague promises that I’ll update something on this blog.  Like I said…. time flies!

I’m happy to report Matthew is doing quite well now, but it was NOT smooth sailing to get here.  When they checked us out of the hospital on Friday (the 17th), it was a matter of trying to keep Matthew’s pain under control.  By Sunday of that weekend, it seemed as though things were under control.  Things were looking good from a recovery standpoint.  But on Sunday night and into Monday morning, he screamed… a lot.  It seemed to Mary and I that he was in excruciating pain.  We were pretty clueless as to what was wrong – we had been giving him his pain meds still through that point.  It was so bad that we thought either the wire they put in his arm was out of place or that he might actually have a new break.  We actually took him back to the hospital in Richmond to get checked out.  The doctors could not find anything new or out of place.  But I do have this x-ray to show the class what his arm looks like:

Amazingly, Matthew was calm when he got this x-ray.  That’s new for him.  He knows what x-ray machines are, and he knows he doesn’t like them.  Somehow, though, I think that he knew we wanted him to be well.  But as I said, the doctor could not see anything amiss.

It was very frustrating for most of the week, as he kept screaming out, mostly during the night.  We assumed that he was having some side effects from his pain meds – nightmares.  I assume that the nightmares were waking him up, and he was jerking his broken arm in pain in his sleep.  Now that he’s no longer taking those heavy narcotics, the dreams seem to have stopped, and he’s finally getting some good sleep.  I have to say, what I’ve just described is mostly a guess on my part.  It’s not as though he can tell me!

Like I said at the beginning of this post, he seems to be much better now.  He’s is much more himself.  He plays, laughs, sits up independently, and of course watches train movies.  He sleeps much better than even a few days ago.  He’s even figured out how to get around a little bit by rolling around.  We’ll have another assessment by his orthopedist later this week, and at that point, we will hopefully have an estimate of when this soft splint comes off.


2 Responses to “Update on Matthew”

  1. Charles Says:

    Wanted to know what time your team would be running through Hancock, MD. My daughter lives right beside the C&O canal and was hoping that we could hold up a sign as your teams runs past us. Giving you support. We have 3 boys with OI.

  2. joyoung3 Says:

    Hey Charles! Thanks so much for the support! I had to look it up, but it seems like our team will be running through Hancock between runners 9 and 10. Since we start off at 9:30am on Friday, I can only make an estimate of when we’ll come through the area – that’s about 52 miles into the race. I would guess that our runners will be in the area around 5pm, hopefully a little bit earlier than that. It’s kind of hard to estimate, because the earlier terrain is so difficult.

    If you look at pages 33 and 34 at this page: http://www.ragnarrelay.com/public/race_documents/1313518453-dcrb11.pdf you can see where we’ll be. You’re best bet is probably near exchange #9 or #10. The exchanges tend to be kind of crowded, but at least there’s a little more space to move around.

    So unfortunately, I personally will not be at this stretch of the race. We have two 12 passenger vans, and I will be in the other one. We haven’t yet been assigned a team number, but at the exchanges, the coordinators will call out “BONE!” as the runners come into the exchange. Some of us still have the lime green shirts we wore last year, so maybe we will wear those again. If you want, I can either try and update this site when we get closer, or even send you an e-mail

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