Training on the Road

There were two things that happened in the last week or so that are relevant to our relay team’s preparation.

First is a comment about my own preparation. I spent the last week out of town – in San Fransisco if you’re curious. When you’re on the road, it’s very hard to do anything “normal”. I know I didn’t eat healthy at all – every meal was out to eat. BUT – as I was packing at the beginning of last week, I insisted on taking my running shoes and some gear to run at least twice. That wasn’t a small feat considering the size of my suitcase, and the need for clothing for five full days.

Apparently, the desire to run twice ended up being a bit optimistic, but I am happy to say that I got one three mile run in on Tuesday. Three miles is completely a guess, which I make based on the length of time I was listening to some music. I am a little disappointed that I only ran once in the span of a week. If I’m going to be serious about getting ready for the relay race, I’ll need to do better than that. Now that I’m back in VA, I intend on getting several more miles in this week. In fact, it is my intention to aim for six miles tomorrow morning.

The second piece of news is that our team has arrived at a real name: B.O.N.E. – Bunch O’ Nuts Exercising. I like the double-meaning for the bone condition while acknowledging that there is a certain level of crazy needed to do this run!

And lastly, I have to put in a bit about Matthew. There’s been nothing serious on the OI front, and as my grandmother used to say “no news is good news”. He has been a bit sick this week, but we’ve had our doubts. We were briefly concerned he might have a “hidden” fracture in a rib, or possibly in his jaw. He definitely seems to have some mouth pain, but he also cries out when he coughs. So… all that said, he’s been recovering since I returned from the west coast on Friday. He also got a pair of orthopedic shoes this week that have a lift on his left leg to account for the difference in the length of his legs. He’s still learning to get around in them.

I hope that you’ll keep reading these posts – which I hope become more regular updates on running and Matthew – and cheering us on while we get ready!

Check out our team webpage! Bunch O Nuts Exercising


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